Avocado Toast

Me, My husband and my two dogs just got back from a lovely weekend getaway for our 5th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely, private, cozy vacation home down south in Malibu, CA.My dogs had so much fun running around the property without a leash, while me and my husband enjoyed the lovely views, star gazed and enjoyed the hot tub and Wood fire in the property.The weather was just perfect and very relaxing. We also played Scrabble after many many years which made me very nostalgic.Heres an image of the front of the vacation rental.


On one of our Brunch visits, we happened to go to a restaurant called Ollo. Although there was a 45 minute wait we really waited it out to eat here and true to the wait it was a delicious brunch meal with Mimosas and Truffle fries, Huevos Rancheros and an Avocado Pizzetta. The Pizzetta, although similar to the concept of a pizza wasnt a ton of cheese or tomato sauce, it was light a fresh with avocado, Pea sprouts, Ricotta Salata, Red Onions and black sea salt over a Pizza Crust.

Some of the ingredients used in this dish are not normally a part of every household grocery list. So Im sharing a simple variation of this dish that can be made at home and without a lot of work.This is a powerhouse of nutrients, healthy and perfect for breakfast of a quick snack or preworkout dish.

Preparation time 20 minutes
Serves 2 portions
Serving Size One toast
Calories Per Serving Approximately 334 per serving
Difficulty Easy


2 Slices Bread( I used daves powerseed killer bread)

1 Haas Avocado

1 tablespoon Red Onion sliced thin

2 tablespoons nano shoots( you can also use micro greens/micro sprouts that arent too spicy)

1/4 teaspoon paprika

Juice of 1/4th a lemon

Sea Salt to taste

Dash of fresh ground black pepper

1 tablespoon Grated manchego cheese

2 boiled eggs( see how to cook perfectly boiled eggs)


1.Toast your bread in the toaster to your desired level.

2.Dice and slightly mash your avocado and spread it on to the bread.

3.Sprinkle salt,black pepper and lemon juice.

4.Spread the nano shoots or micro greens or sprouts onto the avocado.

5.Layer with sliced eggs and then slices of onion and finally top it off with a sprinkle paprika.Adjust salt if needed.


If you are a vegetarian(Indian)  you can skip the eggs

If you want you can also use gaucamole in place of fresh avocado and skip the salt, pepper and lemon juice on it.

You can get really creative with this toast- make sure you add an element of crunch, an element of creamy, salt, sour and a little spice and some yummy goodness of breads like sourdough, rye, brioche etc.

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