Chukkakura pappu/ garden sorrel dal

Garden Sorrel leaves dal / chukkakura pappu Growing up in india we had access to a plenty of variety of greens . When I first moved to Syracuse , New York for my masters spinach was the only green that we had access to . Over the years , my fondness for greens has increased... Continue Reading →

Kale Walnut Pesto

WAIT! Do not run away! Kale isn't that bad! When everyone said Kale is this amazing superfood and healthy , I was one of those souls who whipped up a kale shake out of enthusiasm only to realize I could stomach even a sip of it. LOL. Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan... Continue Reading →

Asparagus Soup

Sorry I have been missing in action for quite some time, one year to be exact. Wow a lot can happen over a year, We have some news to share. We received the news that I was pregnant last April and delivered a healthy baby boy on December 9, 2018. Pregnancy and the postpartum recovery... Continue Reading →

Dulce De Leche Parfait

Working in the food industry for the past 2 years has been a blissful journey. I've grown from not knowing what went wrong with my bakes to be able to create my own recipe using any ingredient you give me now. There's so much science behind cooking and endless knowledge that can be gained in the... Continue Reading →

Being a responsible reviewer

Today  I felt the compelling need to come back home after my 12 hour work day just to sit and write this article and vent out my frustration.I want to talk about this current trend of leaving "reviews" for a business and being responsible for what you write.The trigger for my frustration is a lady... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Pinot Clafoutis

I am probably one of those rare persons who is very attached to my kitchen. I'll be away from home to NYC on some work for 2 months starting next week and the first thing I started to miss was my kitchen and then my probably my husband and my dogs.Lol. You may wonder why? Creating new... Continue Reading →

French Fruit Tart

Although I went to culinary school to study culinary arts, my Chef knew right from the start I had a very strong pastry hand. Our usual classes used to be a demo by the chef and each student replicates the dish from what they learnt from the Chef. On days we had pastry our Chef... Continue Reading →

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