Hi I am Prathima Koneru, a Chef by profession and an ardent food lover. 

My Passion for cooking started when I was doing my Bachelors Degree in India where I recreated recipes printed in the sunday magazines. My brother was my experimental Guinea pig but he loved everything I cooked. There was hardly a recipe that went wrong and I got so much applause for my cooking.I only cooked non vegetarian food from the magazines and later when I moved to New York to do my masters I learnt other dishes. 

I read blogs, watch tutorials, videos and am constantly expanding my knowledge of techniques,ingredients and flavors. You will find me incorporate ingredients across various cuisines and putting new spins to existing recipes, At the same time create traditional recipes in the most authentic way.

I left my corporate job to go to Culinary School in 2015 and I am now a professional Chef trained in French Culinary cuisine. I learnt pastry on my own from books and by following Chefs and I have a special soft corner for pastry and desserts.

Prathima Koneru is a tale of my passion for food, my culinary experiences, tips,mistakes, my life experiences and thoughts. It is my Identity!

My other interests include Dance and Singing( both classically trained),I make art pieces out of scraps,I paint  and I am a workout enthusiast aspiring to be a Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer.I believe life is only complete when one can enjoy good food and be healthy and spread love and happiness. 

Please feel free to leave your questions or comments.

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