Chicken Tikka Masala

I was never a fan of Chicken tikka masala because most times Ive tried it in restaurants the chicken is way overcooked and tasted like rubber to me. The reason behind this is tikka masala uses Chicken breast meat and it being a lean meat tends to dry out if not cooked correctly. The Chicken... Continue Reading →

Saag Jeera Aloo

Potatoes were like a banned item in our house while growing up.My dad was an extremely health conscious person and would only allow potato dishes on special occasions.That feeling somehow continued with me post marriage in that I don't cook potatoes that often except for special occasions at home, not for any reason but just... Continue Reading →

Avocado Toast

Me, My husband and my two dogs just got back from a lovely weekend getaway for our 5th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely, private, cozy vacation home down south in Malibu, CA.My dogs had so much fun running around the property without a leash, while me and my husband enjoyed the lovely views, star... Continue Reading →


Aambode also called as senaga pappu vada/chana dal vada is a popular street snack in regions of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Chana dal is soaked and coarsely pulsed into a dough and deep friend with spices.This is an Indian version of the Mediterranean Falafel.This recipe is a twist on the traditional recipe that uses dill leaves... Continue Reading →

Corn and Cheese Balls

We had guests coming over this past weekend and I did not have a lot of vegetables at home.I came up with this dish as a quick appetizer using frozen organic corn I had in my freezer.This is absolutely delicious, slightly sweet from the corn, spice from the green chili and crispyPreparation time20 minutes¬†Serves30 ballsServing... Continue Reading →

Cheese Plate

With the holidays around the corner,Im sure we all are struggling with ideas to feed our guests and family.So heres a no stress guide to putting together a Cheese Plate.You can buy all the stuff on the cheese plate, all you need to do is assemble it and serve it with your favorite wine.I have... Continue Reading →

Truffle Arancini

Originating in Italy , this dish is simply a fried rice ball of risotto.Risotto made with Arborio rice is a creamy and nutty rice porridge from Italy.The leftover Risotto is shaped into balls with meat of stuffed with cheese and other flavorings and deep fried after coating in a flour, egg and bread crumb mixture.This... Continue Reading →

Hariyali Chicken Legs

Chicken Hariyali ¬†is a non vegetarian dish prepared with a marinade of mint and cilantro and some spices and then cooked on stove usually as a curry item served alongside naan.The chef at the Culinary school wanted to taste some Indian food and he is French so I thought I will surprise him with this.This... Continue Reading →

Black Bean Stuffed Poblanos

This is again a Mexican inspiration. I stuffed a black bean hash I made and added cheese and salsa to the hash and baked it until the cheese melts.You can also add your favorite cooked meats like Chicken, ground lamb etc into the hash and stuff it to make your own version of stuffed poblanos.Poblanos... Continue Reading →

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada is a dish from Maharashtra made with sago(tapioca pearls/saggubiyyam), they are soaked in water and made into patties along with some mashed potato and deep fried to make a perfect snack for the monsoon or cold weather.Preparation time:45 minutesServes:4Ingredients:1/2 cup tapioca soaked in water overnight and drained completely2 potatoes boiled until cooked but... Continue Reading →

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