Cheese Plate

With the holidays around the corner,Im sure we all are struggling with ideas to feed our guests and family.So heres a no stress guide to putting together a Cheese Plate.You can buy all the stuff on the cheese plate, all you need to do is assemble it and serve it with your favorite wine.I have listed the ingredients I used on the cheese plate with some additional options you can substitute with.


Cheeses: Try to have atleast 3 types of cheese, preferably from different animals or mixed types.Also with varying flavor profiles.Here I have used the following

Ossau -Iraty:It is made with Sheeps milk, Medium firm in texture, it is smooth and creamy
Fresh Chevre-It is made with goats milk, it is creamy, soft and crumbly,tart in flavor.
Brillat -Savarin-It is a cows milk cheese with a rind, semi soft cheese, very creamy,buttery and soft, lightly sour.It is ripened with an edible mold that gives it its unique texture.
Heres a good resource for Cheese

Dry fruit: My favorite choices are Apricots and Prunes, you can also do Craisins,Raisins or any sorts of dried fruit.

Crackers:2-3 different types of crackers, one with herb flavors, one crostini style and another salt cracker.

Fresh Fruit: I Love Grapes that can go with wine.Strawberries, figs, berries,Cantaloupe melon will do fine too.Jams will do do, try some herb flavored jams.Green apple tossed in olive oil and salt is a good combo too.

Pickled Stuff/Marinated stuff:Olives,Artichokes, Dolmas(although not pickled the grape leaf does so well)

Nuts: You can do plain roasted nuts, or the ones with spices, or caramelized nuts will add an extra pop.Pistachio, walnuts, almonds are the best choices.

Cured Meats: I served Proscuitto here, other options can be mortadella, serrano ham, salami, cappicola

1.Assemble each one or two of the above categories on your plate.
2. 3 Different types of cheeses with different textures, from soft, medium, firm or aged/smoked kinds
3.Different types of crackers, herbed, salt, crostini
4.Make sure you have Savory and sweet stuff on the plate.You can also add spicy if you’re up-to it, but it doesn’t go so well with red wine.
5.Dark and milk chocolate can be added too.I  love dark chocolate sea salt bars.
6.If you have the patience and time you can do mini tartlets sweet or savory too.
7.Serve with Red or White Wines.Resiling, Pinot Noir are the lighter ones in white and red. Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah are the bolder ones in Reds.Choose your wine to your liking.

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