Avial is a dish served with rice , typically for Onam Sadya.It is a delicacy from Kerala in which vegetables are stewed and topped with grated coconut and sometimes yogurt.I brought this ashgourd home and it has been sitting in my fridge and my mother in law told me today that she didn't know how... Continue Reading →

Kandhari Chicken

This recipe was from my chronicles of my very initial cooking experiments, unlike many others who start with simple dishes , my experience with cooking was through the sunday magazine booklets and with chicken directly. I made a million varieties of chicken when my brother visited us from his hostel for his holidays.Reminiscent of those... Continue Reading →

Thandai Masala

Having born and brought up in the southern India I never tasted Thandai until a recent holi meetup we had.Although it tasted to me like almond milk it had a slight hint of spice in it which I loved. I guess the concept behind this was to provide relief from the heat which we are... Continue Reading →

Kobbari Laddoo-Coconut Fudge

Bite size desserts are simple, quick and easy to pick up and pop in the mouth for Holi.Heres a coconut laddu recipe made with condensed milk.Can be made in a jiffy and eaten in a jiffy too!Preparation time20 minutes Serves40 servingsServing Size1 servingCalories Per ServingApproximately 94 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:3 cups fresh grated coconut1 cup dry grated coconut1... Continue Reading →

Prawn Pepper Masala

Prawn pepper masala  or Kuzhambu is one of my favorite dishes to eat whenever I visit Tamilian Restaurants. Succulent shrimp cooked in a spicy tamarind, garlic and curry leaf based sauce.The sauce is spicy, tangy and nutty and goes very well with seafood, eggs or taro as well and can be served with rice, roti,... Continue Reading →

Moms Chicken Curry

We never grew up eating a lot of non vegetarian food, sundays were out treat day where we get to eat one non vegetarian item that mom made.This is my moms simple chicken curry with the basic spices available in your kitchen and can be made by a real novice.Preparation time35 minutes plus time for... Continue Reading →

Andhra Fish Fry

Coastal Andhra is famous for fish.My grandparents have been living in Vizag for a really long time.Being in the coast we have access to fresh seafood all the time.Our summer holidays we used to enjoy all the fantastic seafood dishes during our visits.The fish darnes(steaks) are tossed in spices and pan fried to perfection.Preparation time30... Continue Reading →

Munagaku Mutton

Drumstick leaves are very nutritious and helpful in treating many body ailments like anemia, dandruff, hair loss,to reduce anemia etc.They can be used to prepare dals or stews.This recipe is a combination of mutton with drumstick leaves and lots of delectable spices.Preparation time60 minutes Serves6 Serving Size1/6 curryCalories Per ServingApproximately 120 per servingDifficultyMediumIngredients:Meat1.5 pounds mutton pieces with... Continue Reading →


Aambode also called as senaga pappu vada/chana dal vada is a popular street snack in regions of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Chana dal is soaked and coarsely pulsed into a dough and deep friend with spices.This is an Indian version of the Mediterranean Falafel.This recipe is a twist on the traditional recipe that uses dill leaves... Continue Reading →

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