Mexican Black Bean Quesadillas

Quesadillas is a simple Mexican dish made with tortilla and various stuffing like chicken, pork, beef, beans etc and then layered with cheese and grilled.This can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or as a snack.You can substitute the beans with cooked eggs,chicken or other meats.Preparation time20 minutesServes4Serving Size1/4 recipeCalories Per ServingApproximately 336 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:4 tortillas1... Continue Reading →

Patra Vadi

Patra Vadi is a Gujarati /Maharashtrian dish made with Colocasia leaves(taro root leaves) rolled with a gram flour paste, gently steamed,sliced and pan fried.This can be served as an appetizer or breakfast item.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:about 30 slicesIngredients:2 cups gram flour/besan1 bunch coriander leavesjuice of 1/2 lemonsalt to taste2 teaspoons red chili powder1 teaspoon tamarind paste4... Continue Reading →

Egg Puffs

Egg Puffs are every Indians favorite snack food commonly sold in bakeries.These are boiled eggs stuffed in puff pastry and baked with some spices.Heres a simple recipe to ┬ámake them at the convenience of your home.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:15Ingredients:1/2 teaspoon cumin powder1/2 teaspoon coriander powder1 teaspoon red chili powder1/4 teaspoon chaat masala2 medium onions dicedsalt to... Continue Reading →

Aloo Tikki-Cutlet

A fun appetizer for kids and adults alike.Mashed potato with a combination of spices and peas formed into a patty , coated with bread crumbs and either pan fried or deep fried.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:20Ingredients:1/2 teaspoon cumin powder1/2 teaspoon coriander powder1 teaspoon red chili powder1/4 teaspoon chaat masala2 medium onions dicedsalt to taste1/4 cup peas2 teaspoons... Continue Reading →


Dhokla is a very famous Gujarati dish made of coarse besan(chickpea) flour, eaten for breakfast or snack.It is very quick and easy to prepare and quite nutritious too.Preparation time:25 minutesServes:4(about 8 1 inch cubes)Ingredients:1 cup chickpea flour( Laddoo besan will give better results but regular will work too)1/2 inch ginger (grind to paste with 6-8... Continue Reading →


Bonda is a South Indian deep fried dish usually served for breakfast with chutney.This is not mysore bonda for which the procedure,taste and texture is different.This is not punugu also,for which the batter is allowed to ferment lightly. I made this for a friends baby shower and I quickly called my mom to get the... Continue Reading →

Gobi 65-Cauliflower 65

This is a very popular Indian appetizer served in most restaurants and fast food chains.It is made by deep frying cauliflower coated in a mixture of spice and flour.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:6Ingredients:1 whole cauliflower cut into 1 inch florets2 tablespoons cornstarch2 tablespoons all purpose flour2 tablespoons rice flour2 tablespoons minced curry leaves+2 sprigs curry leaves2 tablespoons... Continue Reading →


Spanakopita is a greek savory spinach pie.These are made in large sheets and then cut into individual servings or can be made into triangles like the Indian samosa.I added some sundried tomatoes and pine nuts for some extra flavor to the dish.Preparation time:60 minutesServes:24 spanakopitasIngredients:12 oz Spinach leaves(about 6 cups)1 medium onion diced3/4 stick butter... Continue Reading →

Chili Paneer

I am a big fan of Indo Chinese Street food.This is one such preparation with paneer tossed in chinese sauces for a sweet,tangy and spicy lip smacking food.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:6Ingredients:8 oz paneer(about half a block)4-5 green chili1 small capsicum cut lengthwise1/2 medium onion cut lengthwise6 spring onion stalks(optional)1/2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste1 egg1 tablespoon maida(all... Continue Reading →

Eggplant Paneer Fritters-Vankay Paneer Bajji

This is an Indian adaptation of an Italian recipe called Calabrese Eggplant by Giada Laurentiis from the food network.Preparation time:60 minutesServes:24Ingredients:1 large eggplant1/2 cup chickpea flour12 cup breadcrumbs1/2 cup paneer minced2 pinch baking sodasalt to taste3 green chili minced1/4 cup diced onion(optional)oil for deep fryingProcedure:1.Roast the eggplant until soft in an oven(400 F for 20... Continue Reading →

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