Perfectly Boiled Eggs

We all must have faced that dreaded moments where the egg either gets overcooked or undercooked or the shell doesn’t peel off properly.Im sharing a fool proof method to get the perfectly boiled eggs.

1 teaspoon oil

1.Bring the water to a bubbling boil in a deep bottom dish,add oil to it.

2.Now take a spoon and gently place the eggs one by one in the boiling water.If you drop the eggs by hand there is a high chance they will hit the bottom of the pan and break.

3.Now set your timer for 9 minutes for a soft center eggs, 10 minutes for soft boiled eggs, 11- 12 minutes to hard boiled eggs.When the time is up for your desired cooking level and turn off the stove immediately.

4.Immediately drain the warm water.

5.Run the eggs through cold water.This will stop the cooking process.Cover in cold water, let rest 2-3 minutes and Gently tap the eggs and peel.


Why the oil? Did you know the eggs contain a semi permeable membrane under the shell? The oil in the water gets into this membrane through osmosis and lubricates it thus keeping it from sticking to the cooked eggs.

While peeling,repeatedly dip the egg into the water in between and continue peeling, this also prevents the moisture from the semi permeable membrane from evaporating thus making it peel off easily from the egg.

you  may have noticed that there is an air gap on one of the vertical ends of the egg, crack the eggs at that spot and start peeling from there, this helps you from not disturbing the soft egg white.

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