Pesto Baked Eggs

"I wish there was an option to patent recipes " says my husband when he tasted this dish. He said, "why don't they serve such dishes in restaurants, wow its soo good." These were the comments from my egg lover husband. I wasn't originally a great fan of eggs but he loves and needs his eggs... Continue Reading →

Avocado Toast

Me, My husband and my two dogs just got back from a lovely weekend getaway for our 5th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely, private, cozy vacation home down south in Malibu, CA.My dogs had so much fun running around the property without a leash, while me and my husband enjoyed the lovely views, star... Continue Reading →

Egg Tomato Curry

A quick and delicious way to prepare egg curry.A gravy base of onions and tomatoes and simple spices topped off with boiled eggs make a delicious dish served alongside rice or roti. Preparation time 25 minutes  Serves 6 servings Serving Size 1 serving Calories Per Serving Approximately 157 per serving Difficulty Medium Procedure: 1. Heat... Continue Reading →

Eggs Benedict

This is a breakfast dish where poached eggs are topped off over an english muffin and dressed with Hollandaise sauce.There are multiple variations of this dish, I am using spinach for "Eggs Florentine", other versions use ham,mushrooms, salmon, bacon, avocado, chorizo, salsa etc.Preparation time20 minutesServes2 BenedictsServing Size1 BenedictCalories Per ServingApproximately 210 per servingDifficultyDifficultIngredients:2 poached eggs1... Continue Reading →

Chipotle Egg Salad

This is a simple salad to put together when you are in need of a quick snack and can also be eaten along with bread as a sandwichPreparation time:15 minutesServes:4Ingredients:6 hard boiled eggs(see procedure here)1 tablespoon chipotle sauce(see recipe here)2 teaspoon chives3-4 drops sriracha(optional)Procedure:1.Chop the eggs to tiny pieces.Add the chives.2.Add the sriracha and chipotle... Continue Reading →

Egg Puffs

Egg Puffs are every Indians favorite snack food commonly sold in bakeries.These are boiled eggs stuffed in puff pastry and baked with some spices.Heres a simple recipe to  make them at the convenience of your home.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:15Ingredients:1/2 teaspoon cumin powder1/2 teaspoon coriander powder1 teaspoon red chili powder1/4 teaspoon chaat masala2 medium onions dicedsalt to... Continue Reading →

Egg Biryani

Biryani as we all know is a rice based dish with spices and some kind of meat or eggs, or vegetables.This originated in the arabic countries and was brought to India by the Mughals and now is enjoyed widely in Hyderabad, Kashmir, Mumbai and other parts of India.The same technique of layering can be used... Continue Reading →

Poached Egg Curry

Poaching is a process by which food is simmered slowly in a liquid to achieve the cooked state.Food like eggs,meat etc can be poached to obtain a tender final product.Poached eggs are also served as a breakfast item and as a topping on meats as main course.This recipe poaches eggs in a onion tomato gravy... Continue Reading →

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