Eggs Benedict

This is a breakfast dish where poached eggs are topped off over an english muffin and dressed with Hollandaise sauce.There are multiple variations of this dish, I am using spinach for “Eggs Florentine”, other versions use ham,mushrooms, salmon, bacon, avocado, chorizo, salsa etc.

Preparation time 20 minutes
Serves 2 Benedicts
Serving Size 1 Benedict
Calories Per Serving Approximately 210 per serving
Difficulty Difficult

2 poached eggs
1 English muffin toasted(toast with butter for added taste)
1 tablespoon hollandaise sauce
Salt to taste
Paprika to taste
1 cup spinach leaves,(sauteed in a pan until they wilt,season with salt and pepper)

1.Place the muffin halves facing up on a plate.Place the spinach on top.

2.Now gently place the poached eggs on top followed by a dollop of hollandaise sauce.Season with salt and paprika.

I just saute spinach in water, I didn’t want to add more fat on top of the hollandaise. You can saute them in a teaspoon of oil or butter if you wish.


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