Pesto Baked Eggs

"I wish there was an option to patent recipes " says my husband when he tasted this dish. He said, "why don't they serve such dishes in restaurants, wow its soo good." These were the comments from my egg lover husband. I wasn't originally a great fan of eggs but he loves and needs his eggs... Continue Reading →

Saag Jeera Aloo

Potatoes were like a banned item in our house while growing up.My dad was an extremely health conscious person and would only allow potato dishes on special occasions.That feeling somehow continued with me post marriage in that I don't cook potatoes that often except for special occasions at home, not for any reason but just... Continue Reading →


Ada is a lentil crepe like Dosa.Quite full of protein,gluten free and healthy too.This recipe uses Black Gram(Urad Dal), (senaga pappu) Chana Dal, Kandi Pappu(Toor Dal) and rice, needs no fermentation.Preparation time30 minutes Serves16 CrepesServing Size1 CrepeCalories Per ServingApproximately 70 per servingDifficultyMediumIngredients:1/2 cup Black Gram(Urad Dal) 1/2 cup Chana Dal(senaga pappu)1/2 cup Toor Dal (Kandi Pappu)1/2 cup... Continue Reading →

Akki Rotti

A popular breakfast dish from Karnataka, India.Akki Rotti meaning Rice bread, rice flour is mixed with coconut and little spices and pan roasted to form a crispy breakfast bread.This is another dish Im trying out of the cookbook sent by mother in law of Karnataka Cuisine.Husband said its very authentic.Preparation time20 minutesServes6Serving Size1 rotiCalories Per... Continue Reading →


Undrallu also known as kadubu in Karnataka  and uppu urundai in Tamil are cooked Rice grit(rava) balls prepared during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.These along with 'modak' are known to be Lord Ganeshas favorite food.Undrallu and kudumulu are used interchangeably but usually kudumulu are made with flour as compared to the rice grit or rava.These... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Cheese Blintzes

I've recently had this dish on our vacation  at the complementary breakfast from the hotel in Pismo Beach, CA.I liked it a lot and thought will give it a try.In this recipe we make crepes and fill it with a ricotta cream cheese filling and pan fried or baked again to make an ooey gooey... Continue Reading →

Macadamia nut and Coconut Energy Bars

Most folks struggle to eat breakfast these days due to their busy schedules.Learn how to make your own delicious breakfast bars at home without all the added  or artificial sugars and artificial preservatives and additives.These are quick and easy to make and to grab and go when you are crunched for time in the morning.With... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Polenta

Polenta is a creamy porridge made with cornmeal and cooked until a creamy consistency is obtained.This is usually cooked with water or milk or cream and served as a main course alongside sausages, tomato based sauces etc.Polenta is also cooked and the leftovers are used to fry, grill and baked again and topped off with... Continue Reading →

Poached Eggs

In this method of cooking eggs we crack the eggs into a bowl and gently slide it into a pan of simmering water to delicately cook the egg whites and still maintain a runny yolk.Poached eggs can be used on eggs benedict, pasta, meats, noodles etc.Preparation time10 minutesServes2 EggsServing Size2 eggsCalories Per ServingApproximately 145 per... Continue Reading →

Eggs Benedict

This is a breakfast dish where poached eggs are topped off over an english muffin and dressed with Hollandaise sauce.There are multiple variations of this dish, I am using spinach for "Eggs Florentine", other versions use ham,mushrooms, salmon, bacon, avocado, chorizo, salsa etc.Preparation time20 minutesServes2 BenedictsServing Size1 BenedictCalories Per ServingApproximately 210 per servingDifficultyDifficultIngredients:2 poached eggs1... Continue Reading →

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