Tofu Omelete

My husband loves Eggs, so I give him an omelet every morning along with cereal. I make different variations of eggs for him to not feel bored of his daily omelet.I use an egg substitute or egg white to avoid the cholesterol in eggs daily.
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serving: 1

Tofu-1 tablespoon finely chopped
Onions-1 tablespoon finely chopped
Eggs-2 well beaten
Oil-1/2 teaspoon( I used olive oil)
Salt to taste
Your favorite spice like chili powder, black pepper, paprika, coriander(I used Cajun Seasoning)
1.Take a pan, spray some oil. Sauté onions and Tofu for 1 minute on medium flame,Add salt.
2.Pour the beaten eggs on top of the onion  and tofu. 
3.Sprinkle your favorite spice.
4.Cover with lid until all the egg is softly cooked(about 1-2 minutes).
5.Remove Lid and garnish with cilantro and gently fold it in half to serve.
Serve with Avocado on the side. Dice the avocado, sprinkle with salt and pepper and a dash of lemon juice.
Do not overcook the eggs, they will harden and lose the taste.
Covering your omelet with lid give you a moist omelet.

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