Grape Soda

An ultra simple drink to put together with no added sugars and a boost of electrolytes for a hot summer afternoon.Preparation time10 minutesServes2Serving Size1 glassCalories Per ServingApproximately 76 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:1 cups Fresh Squeezed red grape juice (Cold)Juice of 1 lemon(cold)1 Cups Soda (Cold)Procedure:1.Squeeze the lemon juice equally in two martini glasses.2.Add the grape juice equally... Continue Reading →

Cabbage Apple Slaw

This dish works as a slide or can be stuffed inside a wrap/sandwich for added crunch with chicken or tofu/beans.Preparation time:20 minutesServes:4 cupsIngredients:2 cups napa cabbage thinly sliced/grated2 green apples grated1 cup ¬†grated carrot1 tablespoon sliced toasted almonds2-3 tablespoons mayonaise2 teaspoons vinegarpinch of saltpinch of paprika(optional)1 tablespoons craisins(optional)Procedure:1.Take all the ingredients in a bowl and... Continue Reading →

Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Root Veggies

This simple dish is a rosemary and garlic flavored root veggies like potato,sweet potato and carrots tossed in olive oil.This can be served as a side or accompaniment to any main dish.Preparation time:50 minutesServes:4Ingredients:3 Medium Red potatoes washed well and cubed with skin on1 large sweet potato cubed(I removed the skin)2 Carrots cut the same... Continue Reading →

Orange Cherry Spritzer

This is a simple cocktail with fresh orange juice,sweetened with cherry juice,tangy and sweet and bubbly.For non alcoholic version skip the vodka.Preparation¬†time:10 minutesServes:8 glassesIngredients:1 cup orange juice1 cup cherry juice/maraschino cherry syrup4 can sierra mist16 oz vodkaProcedure:1.Mix the orange juice and vodka and cherry juice in a bowl and divide equally among glasses.Add the Sierra... Continue Reading →

Pesto Tapioca

The Indian Tapioca is usually prepared with a light tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves.Heres a slight variation with italian ingredients pesto and marinara sauce just as pasta is prepared.The tapioca has to be soaked overnight to cook it.This recipe works for a side or simple and quick carbohydrate for an entreePreparation time:15 minutesServes:6Ingredients:7... Continue Reading →

Blackberry Mojito

There is nothing like a refreshing cocktail to start of a great party.I made this for the girls at my christmas party and was a hit.For Non alcoholic version just don't add the vodka.Preparation time:5 minutesServes:6Ingredients:18 oz blackberries1 cup sugarJuice of 2 large lemons10 oz vodka(don't use if you want the non alcoholic version)1 liter(33.8... Continue Reading →

Grilled Pineapple

Preparation time:10 minutesServes:4Ingredients:1 pineapple peeled cut into long piecessalt to tastefew dashes of pepperProcedure:1.Heat a pan on high heat or your BBQ grill on high.2.Place the pineapple on the grill or pan and sear until grill marks or a light char appears,turn it to get the char on all other sides.Remove from Grill and sprinkle... Continue Reading →

Aloo Curry-Potato Curry

This is a quick recipe when you have guests coming over for lunch, tastes great with rotis or rice or in a bread sandwich.Preparation time: 30 minutesServes: 4.Ingredients:2 large potatoes2 teaspoons oil1/2 teaspoon cumin seedsPinch of asafetida (hing)1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste2 onions pureed in a grinder2 tomatoes pureed in a grinder6 green chilies minced1... Continue Reading →

Savory Breakfast Crepes

Breakfast crepes are perfect quick meal with a balance of carbohydrates,protein and fat.Crepes can be either savory or sweet based on the fillings.It is analogous to our Dosa with the exception of the flour used for it.Preparation time: 20 minutesServing: makes 4 crepesIngredients:Filling:1/4 cup spinach, chopped2 eggs(or 1/2 cup egg whites or egg substitute)1/4 Red... Continue Reading →

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