Blackberry Mojito

There is nothing like a refreshing cocktail to start of a great party.I made this for the girls at my christmas party and was a hit.For Non alcoholic version just don’t add the vodka.
Preparation time:5 minutes

18 oz blackberries
1 cup sugar
Juice of 2 large lemons
10 oz vodka(don’t use if you want the non alcoholic version)
1 liter(33.8 fl oz/1 quart)sparkling water or club soda chilled

1.Heat 1 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup water until the sugar is completely melted and let cool.

2.Crush the blackberries in a bowl.

3.Add the sugar syrup and lemon juice and vodka and mix.

4.Pour the mixture in 6 glasses and add about 5-6 oz of the sparkling water/soda in each glass as per your taste and serve.


If you don’t drink alcohol,just omit the vodka it will be a perfect mocktail.
You can cut thin rinds of lemon and place on the rim of the glass and a mint leaf in the mocktail for some decor.You can also add ice.
If you don’t like the seeds from the blackberries you can sieve the mixture.
You can also substitute the sugar syrup with honey or maple syrup.

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