English Toffee

Sugar is a very versatile ingredient for making desserts. Heating the sugar syrup to varying temperatures can result us in different types of candy like butter creams, icings, simple syrup,caramel, nougat, marshmallows, brittles, lollipops etc. Toffee is one such derivative of sugar syrup cooked till soft crack stage.This recipe makes a toffee layered with nuts,... Continue Reading →

Tandoori Flavored Popcorn

Bored of the regular popcorn?Try this Tandoori spiced popcorn.Sure to add zing to boring popcorn and thrill your guests or kids.Spice up your movie nights or sleepovers with this tasty snack.Preparation time10 minutes¬†Serves4 cupsServing Size2 cupCalories Per ServingApproximately 150 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:1 tablespoon oil (use an oil with a high smoke point- I used avocado oil)1/4... Continue Reading →


A must have during movies, movie nights and sleepovers for kids or simple get togethers and birthday parties.Made using dried corn kernels its a very versatile snack to adjust flavors to suit your needs.Why buy processed popcorn when you can make this very easily at home!This recipe is a simple salted popcorn you can make... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Cheese Blintzes

I've recently had this dish on our vacation ¬†at the complementary breakfast from the hotel in Pismo Beach, CA.I liked it a lot and thought will give it a try.In this recipe we make crepes and fill it with a ricotta cream cheese filling and pan fried or baked again to make an ooey gooey... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Egg Tostada

Tostada is a Mexican fried Corn tortilla.It is very versatile for various uses.Here in this recipe I use it for a breakfast dish with eggs,refried beans,tomato sauce and avocado.With the runny yolk, crispy tostada and flavors from the refried beans and tomato sauce this is sure to start your day with a joyful belly.Preparation time10... Continue Reading →

Over Easy Eggs

In this method of cooking eggs you crack the eggs in a pan and let cook until whites are set and flip until the other side is cooked keeping the yolk still runny.This style of eggs can be used to top off on other recipes like pasta,burritos, meats, burgers etc.Preparation time10 minutesServes1Serving Size1 eggCalories Per... Continue Reading →

Sunny Side Up Eggs

In this method of cooking eggs, the eggs are cracked onto the pan and cooked until the whites are just set but are not flipped to cook on the other side, this leaves the yolk runny.Preparation time10 minutesServes1Serving Size1 eggCalories Per ServingApproximately 111 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:1 egg1 teaspoon oilsalt to tastepepper to tasteProcedure:1.Heat oil in a... Continue Reading →

Besan Cheela-Chickpea Flour Crepe

Besan Cheela/Chilla is a Gujarati crepe made with Chickpea flour also known as Garbanzo bean flour/Besan.This is usually had for breakfast and can be had with veggies added to it.I used peppers, corn, peas and tomato as a stuffing to make it fun to eat plus getting your daily intake of vegetables.Preparation time20 minutesServes5Serving Size1/5... Continue Reading →

5 Cheese Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is an american comfort food.Kids go bonkers for this dish,while the adults love a side of it with some BBQ and other meat.Instead of the processed mac and cheese available at the store, this is easy to make at home and way more delicious.I made this for my office potluck and it... Continue Reading →

Chipotle Egg Salad

This is a simple salad to put together when you are in need of a quick snack and can also be eaten along with bread as a sandwichPreparation time:15 minutesServes:4Ingredients:6 hard boiled eggs(see procedure here)1 tablespoon chipotle sauce(see recipe here)2 teaspoon chives3-4 drops sriracha(optional)Procedure:1.Chop the eggs to tiny pieces.Add the chives.2.Add the sriracha and chipotle... Continue Reading →

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