English Toffee

Sugar is a very versatile ingredient for making desserts. Heating the sugar syrup to varying temperatures can result us in different types of candy like butter creams, icings, simple syrup,caramel, nougat, marshmallows, brittles, lollipops etc. Toffee is one such derivative of sugar syrup cooked till soft crack stage.This recipe makes a toffee layered with nuts, chocolate and sea salt.Makes a very versatile snack for kids and adults alike, a component in your valentines day gift basket, super bowl munchies and a lot more.My friend says this reminded her of mahalacto chocolate from India.With the crunchiness of the toffee and the nuts and sea salt and chocolate this treat is sure to win your heart.

Preparation time 30 minutes 
Serves 24 servings
Serving Size 1 serving
Calories Per Serving Approximately 206 per serving
Difficulty Medium

1 cup sugar
1 cup butter(I used half salted, half unsalted butter)
pinch of seasalt
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup pecans
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1.Heat the oven to 350F . Toast the almonds and pecans in the oven for 10 minutes and chop them to smaller pieces separately.

2.Line a baking pan with a parchment paper and sprinkle almonds on the bottom.

3.In a heavy bottomed pan take the butter and the sugar and melt it on a low.

4.Once it is completely melted, turn the heat to medium stirring continuously.


5.If you have a candy thermometer let the mixture go till it reaches 290 F .Or syrup dropped in ice water should separate to threads and break with a snap.

6.Immediately transfer the mixture onto the almonds on the parchment paper.Let cool 2 minutes.

7.Sprinkle the chocolate pieces on top evenly and let melt for a minute or two and then spread with a spatula to evenly coat the toffee.



8.Sprinkle sea salt and pecan pieces and gently press down to adhere.

9.Let cool completely for 2-3 hours then place in refrigerator for an hour and then crack the toffee with your hand into  uneven pieces.

You can also coat chocolate on both sides of toffee.I.e after the toffee cooled down turn it over onto a sheet pan.Melt chocolate in microwave or double boiler and then spread onto the other side of toffee and sprinkle nuts.
Using chocolate chips makes it easy to make toffee.For more perfection, use tempered chocolate after the toffee has cooled down.
If you like dark chocolate use dark chocolate instead of semi sweet.
You can also add flavorings like vanilla etc in the toffee.
Store in an airtight container in a cool place/refrigerator.


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