Homemade Kefir

Probiotics are a part of every culture.There a various kinds of probiotics like Indian yogurt, kombucha, saurekraut, kimchi, indian pickles,Jun, Ginger beer etc. Kefir is one such dairy based probiotic,Kefir improves digestion and over a period of time it can reduce problems like bloating, gas,flatulence etc. Kefir grains are a combination of bacteria and yeasts in a matrix of proteins, lipids, and sugars.They look like cauliflower pods.The consistency of kefir can range from thick milk to yogurt depending on the conditions and how long it ferments. Kefir is most commonly consumed as a beverage or a smoothie base. The grains themselves can also be eaten, and are typically slightly sour and chewy.

Preparation time:10  minutes+24-36 hr ferment period


2 cups whole fat milk(preferably raw)
2 teaspoons Kefir grains

1.Take the grains in a non metal jar and pour the milk on top and place on the kitchen counter with a loose lid on or in the oven.Let sit for 24 hours.

2.Strain the grains from the milk and Enjoy the milk.Repeat step 1 everyday and enjoy kefir everyday.It will look like yogurt when done.That is when you know it is ready to strain.

Kefir consistency varies due to the following  ratio of grains to milk, Time to ferment,Temperature of the room
1.Ratio of grains to milk: I usually do 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of milk to get the lassi type consistency I want, but it varies by the type of kefir grains, so one has to experiment to reach the consistency they desire.
2.Time allowed to ferment:I do a 24 hour ferment, but people do upto 36 hours which makes it frizzy like soda.  The higher the grain to milk ratio, the less time it takes to ferment.
3.Temperature:The colder the room temperature is the slower the grain work. I leave the jar open in the oven,you can ferment it on the counter but cover it with a non-airtight lid so you keep the flies etc away. Experiment and check your kefir periodically to see how it’s progressing, and strain it when it your desired consistency.

For the grains, find someone who can share you some locally, anyone in the bay area, I can share them with you, I do have extra all the time.

You can find local sharers on this group


If you’re getting thin, watery kefir,it needs to ferment a little more.
If the whey and curd separate, try reducing the amount of grains. You can also stir it and it will combine the whey and curds.
Milk grains can double every 7-21 days. Grains will grow slower in winter months when the room temp is lower and faster in summer months.
You can use any kind of animal milk, goat milk produces thinner kefir,I use cow milk.
I personally dont like keeping the lid on because it accelerates the fermentation nd gives fizzy kefir.


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