Pesarattu-Moong Dal Crepe

A protein rich healthy lentil crepe made with green moong beans,ideal for a breakfast or as a main course.
Preparation time:20 minutes

1 cup whole moong dal(with skin)
1/2 cup rice(white/red/brown)
1/2 inch piece ginger
2 green chili
salt to taste
1 teaspoon oil
1 teaspoon cumin

1.Soak the moong dal and rice in water overnight.
2.Grind the dal and rice along with the rest of the ingredients to a smooth batter.

3.Smear a pan/griddle with oil and heat it.When hot enough to sizzle add 1/4 cup of batter and roll around in concentric circles to form a crepe.Let roast on one side ,fold in half,take off from the pan and serve.
This goes well with coconut chutney and ginger chutney.
You can add grated carrot,green chili,ginger or finely minced onion on the pesarattu after rolling out the crepe on the pan for added flavor.
There are other versions of pesarattu called MLA pesarattu where in there are stuffings like potato or upma that are put inside the pesarattu and served.


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