Week 2 of my 21 day rejuvenation treatment

I am in my week 2 of my 21 day rejuvenation treatment.You can read about the week 1 in my previous posts.

Food wise I switched from oats and rice grits to a lighter diet, I have kitchadi or Kanji(rice gruel) or green moong bean soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


As far as the treatments go, there is a change of treatments from an oil massage to a potli massage, where in bags of herbs like fenugreek powder, blackgram powder, ginger, neem, turmeric, rice etc both dry and fresh chosen as per my ayurvedic body constitution and the ailment.The Potlis( or bags) are dipped in medicated oil or sand or herbs and heated and pat and rubbed heavily on the body.Oil is smeared all over the head and a medicated paste made with amla and other herbs is wrapped on the head during this massage.The therapists do the potli massage on your front for the first 15 minutes and then the patient turns around and the back is massaged for 30 minutes of the massage and the last 10 minutes again the front is massaged with the potlis. This treatment through the heat and herbs helps to relieve pain and inflammation in the body and improve strength, blood circulation and flexibility. Personally this felt like some heavy lifting boxers were punching my body left and right and started sweating like crazy mid way through,I had no strength to get out of the massage table in the end but once I took a shower it felt like I had a good workout.I was sore through the night and by the time I woke up there was no soreness and was normal.



Vasthi(enema) is an important part of the Panchakarma cleansing process- theres sneha vasthi and kashaya vasti .Sneha vasthi is an enema of medicated oil or ghee and kashaya vasti is an enema of herb concoction.

As far as body changes go, I do see my face clearing up a lot ( I will post a before and after at the end of the treatment),I have lost 2 Kilos(4.5 pounds), My face and hands feel full or blood and Ive been away from any processed food or sugar since 12 days now, its a big thing for me because Im baking cakes for a living and am around sugar constantly.Also sleep and food timings-these are so important and due to our crazy lifestyles in the US I could never eat or sleep on time, now its like a constant clock, breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, dinner at 7, sleep by 9, wake up by 5. No alarms needed, just the body talking to you, telling you what it needs and when. I can feel the food pass through my stomach and intestines(Im quite conscious of that now) as opposed to the constant feeling of fullness I normally experience. I guess its because the food is less processed and adequate in quantity, that I don’t feel hungry in between but it will only last me enough till the next meal, I will get so darn shaky and hungry if I don’t eat the next meal at the prescribed time which is a good sign meaning the previous meal has completely digested.


Do let me know your thoughts, stay tuned for my final update of the treatment.


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    1. Hi Lakshmi, cost of the treatment varies from person to person depending on the ailment being treated for and for how many days the treatment runs. You can email them at mail@aryavaidyasala.com and they will send you the necessary information after finding out what kind of treatment needs to be given to your inlaws.


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