Ayurvedic Elixirs

Im sharing the recipe for  Ayurvedic Elixir -Curry leaf and Gooseberry juice (Amla/usirikaya) today that I learnt from the locals here in Kerala.Im calling it an elixir because it has excellent benefits if taken daily.Lets take a look at the benefits.


1.Curry leaves are rich in iron & gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, A combination of iron and vitamin C is great to ward of anemia and keep up hemoglobin levels.This combination also promotes weight loss.

2.Curry leaves and gooseberry are both excellent for hair growth, curry leaf is known to ward of premature hair greying, it is rich in nutrients required for hair growth, prevent hair fall, protect hair follicles,repair damaged roots etc and is also great for nails

3. Gooseberry is antibacterial and excellent for improving immunity.It is anti inflammatory and improves digestion, relieves acidity and liver function and kidney function to help flush toxins better.It slows down aging and bone breakdown, its also great for improving memory.It is also great for eye sight, nervous system, respiratory systems, heart health , It also relieves menstrual cramps, relieves acne, maintaining blood sugar level and hence great for diabetics.

Daily consumption of this juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach gives maximum benefits. Ayurvedic recipes take atleast a month if not more to show progress , so give it some time to work. Also don’t expect the juice to do miracles if you have a crappy diet. A good balanced diet is also mandatory that can provide you good nutrition.

Pick tender light green curry leaves and Light yellow mature gooseberries.In the US we don’t find fresh gooseberry, so its ok to use the frozen one, but let it thaw and come to room temperature first.


Curry Leaf Amla Juice Recipe


1 sprig curry leaves

5 Indian gooseberries (seeds removed)


1.Blend the above ingredients in a blender without adding any water first until it turns to a fine powder.

2.Add enough water to dissolve the paste and blend for 2 more minutes.

3.Let it stand for 2 minutes and strain through a fine mesh strainer. You can consume this extracted juice as is or you can dilute it and drink or add honey to it, to your sweetness level as well.

Disclaimer: If you have medical conditions please talk to your doctor, this should not be used in place of medical advise or medicine.I am only sharing my experience with this post, I do not qualify for giving medical advise of any sort  to your condition or health.


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