Spinach Roti

If you are struggling to get more greens into your diet I have a simple solution to it. Puree them and add them to your rotis or breads.Here I bring you a simple Spinach roti recipe.Very healthy and tasty.

Preparation time 60 minutes including resting time
Serves about 20 rotis
Serving Size 1 roti
Calories Per Serving Approximately 70 per serving
Difficulty Medium

3 cups wheat flour
4 cups spinach
salt to taste
1 tablespoon oil

1.Blanch or saute the spinach leaves until half the water is evaporated.

2.Puree the spinach.Measure your spinach puree it should be approximately 1 cup.

3.In a bowl sift the flour and salt.Add the oil and mix once.Now add the spinach puree.

4.Add the 1/2 cup water and knead well until it comes together softly.Cover and Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

5.Take a lime sized ball of dough, dust your work surface and roll it out into a tortilla.

6.Heat a pan and toast the roti on both sides.You can add oil to the roti if you like but I don’t add any oil.Serve with your favorite curry.

Please keep in mind spinach also has some salt in it so be cautious of adding too much salt.
Make sure you knead it well to build gluten in the dough.
If your dough is too runny add some more flour until it doesn’t stick, if its too tight add more liquid. The rule of thumb is add approximately half liquid as the flour.
I like to toast my roti using a paper towel, it helps keeping the roti soft.
When storing your rotis, keep a paper towel on bottom and top to absorb moisture and prevent them from getting soggy.


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