Spiced Pineapple Jam

A little spin from the traditional pineapple jam.All natural, homemade and no preservatives.Use it on toast, for jam cookies, roti or layer your favorite cake with it.

Preparation time 30 minutes
Serves 2 cups
Serving Size 1/8
Calories Per Serving Approximately 250 per serving
Difficulty Medium

1 Medium sized ripe Pineapple peel and slice(remove all eyes)
1 cup sugar
3 pinches clove+cinnamon powder

1.Blend the cleaned pineapple into a puree.

2.Transfer to a pan and add the sugar and clove and cinnamon powder and mix well and let cook until the mixture comes together in a single lump.Transfer to a clean sterilized jar and store.

Initially when there is lot of water in the pineapple mixture it will splatter a lot, so make sure you cover it with a splatter proof screen.
This recipe takes a little time so don’t wander away or you may end up burning the mixture, especially in the last part.
For regular jam do not add the spices, you can add cardamom if you like it.


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