Strawberry Preserves -three ways

Back in India, I remember going to the farmers market with my dad when I was little. My grandad,┬ábeing a farmer, my dad had the knowledge and flair at picking the best produce at the markets. It always amazed me how much time he spends to hand pick each of the produce we used to... Continue Reading →

Spiced Pineapple Jam

A little spin from the traditional pineapple jam.All natural, homemade and no preservatives.Use it on toast, for jam cookies, roti or layer your favorite cake with it.Preparation time30 minutesServes2 cupsServing Size1/8Calories Per ServingApproximately 250 per servingDifficultyMediumIngredients:1 Medium sized ripe Pineapple peel and slice(remove all eyes)1 cup sugar3 pinches clove+cinnamon powderProcedure:1.Blend the cleaned pineapple into a... Continue Reading →

Jalapeno Green Apple Jelly

This recipe is inspired by a dish I had on my birthday which was Baked Brie -Brie Cheese was baked in a puff pastry and then placed in an Jalapeno Jelly.I looked up recipes online for jalapeno jelly but they all used green bell peppers along with jalapenos,but the dish I had didn't taste anything... Continue Reading →

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