Homemade Black Grape Jam

I love fruits,I at least consume 2 fruits per day and when I have a lot of fruit at home and am busy it no longer stays fresh and crunchy enough to eat it as is. I had about 6 cups of grapes in the fridge and I decided to make a Jam out of it.This is the first time I made Jam so I still do not know the shelf life of it,I will let you know once I test it out.This stayed good for 3 months but we finished it by the end of 3 months so I do not know if it would have lasted longer
The classic measurements are as follows,i used less sugar because I felt it was already sweet enough
For every 8 oz Jam:
Black Grapes – 1 1/3 cups
Sugar 1 2/3 cups
Pectin 1 1/2 Tablespoon

Preparation time:1 hour
Servings: about 36 ounces

6 cups of black grapes destemmed and washed
1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 box fruit pectin(I used sure jell premium fruit pectin)
5 cups Sugar( adjust depending on your sweetness)

1.Sterilize the jars you will be storing in jam by boiling them in hot water and wiping them clean without moisture and keep aside.Do not touch the insides of the jars with your bare hands.
2.Grind the grapes into a fine puree.On a saucepan heat the puree until it reaches a boil and all the foam has disappeared.

3.Now run the cooked puree through a strainer(this will make about 1 liter of puree,if not add water/more puree to  make it 1 liter)
4.Return the puree to the saucepan and boil on medium flame and continuously keep stirring it.Add sugar,lemon juice and pectin and mix well.Keep mixing until the puree reaches a rolling boil(a boil that doesn’t go down even when stirred)-or if you have a food thermometer you can check if the jam has reached a temperature of 220 F and switch off the stove.
5.Transfer the jam into the jars let cool and cover with lids and store in a dark and cool place.

Make small quantities so you don’t have to worry about the shelf life of the jam.
All through the recipe,make sure your hands and the utensils beings used are very dry.
You can skip the pectin if making smaller quantities of jam,it will at least stay 3 weeks in the fridge without getting spoilt.
Do not add the pectin powder directly into the boiling jam,mix it into 1/4 cup of cold water and then stir it in.


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