Desi Ghee-Clarified Butter

Ghee is holy grail of Indian Ayurvedic Cooking also called as Clarified Butter.It is nothing but melted butter of which the milk solids have been skimmed off.Ghee has a myraid of benefits such as containing conjugated linoleic acid that helps body burn fat,it has butyric acid which is also produced by the gut bacteria and hence helps absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Preparation time 30 minutes
Serves 3/4 cups
Serving Size 1 Tablespoon
Calories Per Serving Approximately 120 per serving
Difficulty Easy

2 sticks organic grass fed butter

1.Place butter in a saucepan and leave it on a gentle simmer(lowest)  until all the butter melts, can take upto 20 minutes based on the stove you use.

2.Now the milks solids would have settled in the bottom of the ghee, without disturbing the liquid, with a  ladle gently scoop the ghee into a clean glass container and store in a cool place.Alternatively you can also put the pan in the fridge so the ghee will solidify on top and if you poke a hole to the side and drain you can separate all the milk solids easily.

It is important to melt butter on a very low flame so we don’t develop carcinogens due to high heat.
Do not consume the milk solids from the clarified butter as well.You can give it to your kids for helping their growth but they are very concentrated for adults to consume.


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