Mokkajonna Garelu-Corn cakes

During my short visit to India this year, I had the privilege to eat the seasonal fresh corn roasted on coals and also corn based dishes like this one.My mom always makes these when we visit during the rainy season in India.This is my moms version of the recipe which I love,hope you enjoy it too. I’ve had way too many of these for breakfast today,now its lunch time and my stomach is still full, I think I’ll keep my diet aside for this week !

Preparation time:45 minutes

2 cups Corn kernels
5 sprigs curry leaves
1 bunch Cilantro
8-10 green chili(adjust to your spice levels)
salt to taste
2 teaspoons cumin seeds
oil for deep frying

1.Grind the curry leaves, green chili and the Cilantro to a coarse paste

2.Grind the corn kernels,salt and half the cumin to a coarse paste, you wont need to add much water, if the mixture is too dry you can add a tad bit of water.

3.In a bowl take the two mixtures and mix well along with cumin seeds.

4.Heat oil in a pan in medium heat.Take one lime sized ball of the mixture and press down to a flat cake on parchment paper or a cover.Gently press a hole in the center with your index finger.

5.Lift the paper and invert the cake onto your palm and gently slide it into the oil.Let cook until golden brown and drain onto a paper towel.

In the US the corn is very soft and wont hold shape, you may add some flour to tighten the dough or use the mexican variety of large corn kernels for the same.
If you add too much water the fritters will take up a lot of oil while cooking so use water sparsely.


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