Ragi Idli

Idli is a south indian steam rice cake made with black gram and rice which is ground and let to ferment overnight which gives it a soft and airy texture.This is a variation in which you replace the rice flour with ragi flour(millet flour)

Preparation time:30 minutes,Needs some prep the previous night
Serves:Makes around 25 Idlis

1/2 cup urad dal(soaked overnight)
1 1/4 cup ragi flour
salt to taste
3 tablespoons poha(soaked overnight)

1.Grind the urad dal and poha to a smooth paste.

2.Add the ragi flour,salt and 1 cup of water(a little more if the batter is too thick) to get an idly batter consistency.

3.Cover with a lid that is not airtight and let ferment overnight.It will double in volume.

4.Grease the idli pans and put them in a pressure cooker with 4 cups of boiling water and cover and let cook without placing the pressure for about 15 minutes.Wait for 5 minutes before removing the idlis from the plates.


Idli can be served with peanut chutney/tomato peanut chutney,peanut podi or coconut chutney or Sambar


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