Carrot Thepla-Carrot Flatbread

A delicious and colorful Thepla using carrots.This can be had with any chutneys and milder curries unlike the Methi thepla.This is a great way to add vegetable and fiber to your diet.Preparation time:40 minutesServes:Makes around 8 TheplasIngredients:1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour(Use all purpose flour for added taste)1 cup finely grated carrot6 green chili finely... Continue Reading →

Beetroot and Red Chard Fry

Swiss Chard is readily available in the american stores in the US.I had this at my aunts place last week and I thought it was a great way to incorporate greens along with beets.Preparation time: 20 ¬†minutesServing: 6Finely chopped beetroot looks like this.Ingredients:Beetroot- 4 medium chopped finely1 Bunch Red Chard chopped finely1/2 grated coconutOil-2 teaspoonMustard... Continue Reading →

Ven Pongal-Katte Pongal

A south indian comfort food,A very ancient food,There is a scientific reason behind eating this.According to Ayurveda,the combination of ghee and peppercorns develops red blood cells in the body which¬†get rid of anemia and other blood related problems,moong beans are the easiest to digest in vegetarian protein and the ghee is the easiest to digest... Continue Reading →

Lima Bean Dosa( Crepe)

A protein rich healthy Lima bean crepe, ideal for a breakfast.Preparation time:20 minutesServes:2Ingredients:1 cup Lima beans with skin1/2 cup rice(white/red/brown)1/2 inch piece ginger3 green chilisalt to taste1 teaspoon oil1 teaspoon cuminProcedure:1.Soak the Lima beans and rice in water overnight.2.Grind the beans and rice along with the rest of the ingredients to a smooth batter.Do not... Continue Reading →

Ragi Idli

Idli is a south indian steam rice cake made with black gram and rice which is ground and let to ferment overnight which gives it a soft and airy texture.This is a variation in which you replace the rice flour with ragi flour(millet flour)Preparation time:30 minutes,Needs some prep the previous nightServes:Makes around 25 IdlisIngredients:1/2 cup... Continue Reading →

Pesara Kattu

Kattu means a thin liquid. This is a thinly cooked seasoned dal originating from coastal andhra, the same is called as pappu pullagura in regions of rayalseema ,pullagura means tangy curry.Its a quick recipe and yet very nutritious and easy to digest.Preparation time:30 minutesServes:4Ingredients:3/4 cup Moong Dal 5 green chilies mincedChopped cilantro 1/4 cup1/2 teaspoon... Continue Reading →

Plantain mustard stir fry

Also called as Aratikaya Ava Pettina Kura in Telugu Language. Aratikaya is plantain and Ava pettina kura means mustard based preparation. This dish is native to Andhra Pradesh state of southern India. Mustard is used to generate warmth in the body, such preparations in the olden days were made during the winter months to generate... Continue Reading →

Chole curry-Garbanzo bean Curry(chickpea)

Chole curry was the very first recipe I have tried. This is one dish I'm famous for and I think its quite simple provided the gravy is done right.Preparation time:40 minutesServes:6Ingredients:Chickpeas(cooked 3 cups)2 ripe medium tomatoes pureed1 1/2 medium onions pureed1 teaspoon chole masala(I recommend the Shan brand)2 teaspoons oil5 green chilies ground along with... Continue Reading →

Pesarattu-Moong Dal Crepe

A protein rich healthy lentil crepe made with green moong beans,ideal for a breakfast or as a main course.Preparation time:20 minutesServes:2Ingredients:1 cup whole moong dal(with skin)1/2 cup rice(white/red/brown)1/2 inch piece ginger2 green chilisalt to taste1 teaspoon oil1 teaspoon cuminProcedure:1.Soak the moong dal and rice in water overnight.2.Grind the dal and rice along with the rest... Continue Reading →

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