Opera Milkshake

Opera Cake is a French cake which is layers of almond sponge layered with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. When I was in culinary school , one of our chefs made this every other week for the open house events and demoes conducted at the school and guess where we hanged out after the demoes ? Yeah , finishing up the opera cake which was my favorite and there was another orange chocolate truffles recipe from school I absolutely dig.


Are you drooling yet?

Before you ask me, Im not sharing those recipes in this post but will do sometime in future.So make sure you like my page to get those recipes.In this blog post Im sharing an interpretation of an Opera Milkshake, now that the summers are settling in in various parts of the world. Talk about summers, have you noticed in California weather changes from cold to hot in like a switch of a button with the day light savings change.

But yay to summers, Farmers markets, fresh fruit and local produce, Im in culinary heaven and not to mention my backyard blooms.Sharing some pictures of my flowers blooming for spring- jasmine plant, marigolds, cherry plant blooms, oranges ready for harvest,peach tree blooms and my puppies chilling in the backyard.



Preparation time 15 minutes
Serves 2 shakes 
Serving Size 1 shake
Calories Per Serving Approximately 665 per serving
Difficulty Easy


2 large scoops of coffee Icecream (I used 1 3.6oz  Hagen daaz coffee icecream)

2 cups milk

3 tablespoons badam milk powder

1/4 cup of baking chocolate

2 tablespoons of heavy cream

1 teaspoon almond essence

2 pieces of chocolate for garnish


1.Melt the chocolate and cream until combined and let cool on the side.

2.In a blender, add rest of the ingredients and blend.

3.In two milk bottles, drizzle the ganache along the sides and pour the milkshake into them.Shave some chocolate over the top, pop in straws and enjoy!!!

And please dont blame me for the yumminess and the calories 🙂



If you do not have coffee icecream you can use vanilla icecream with instant coffee powder

If you are upto it, you can also use a dash of Coffee Liquor like Kahlua in this, but dont serve it to kiddos 🙂

You can also blend in some almond biscotti for additional goody goody yumminess

If you don’t want to make the ganache, you can simply use chocolate syrup to drizzle on your milk bottles.

You can also blend in some chocolate chips for extra texture in your milkshake.


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