Lavender Coconut Lemonade

Summer around the corner we are looking for cocktails/mocktails to make for our friends and family.Heres a simple natural lavender lemonade recipe.This recipe uses lavender flowers to make a simple syrup combined with coconut water and lemon juice.

Note: I made the drink at a holi meetup as a demo,the pictures were clicked by my friend Anita at

1 1/2 Litre coconut water
Juice of 9-10 lemons
2 cups sugar
3 tablespoons dried lavender flowers
Agar agar or gelatin
Fresh lavender flower for garnish
For the color you can used blackberry fruit or artificial purple color since lavender itself doesnt render any color

1.Take the sugar and 2 cups water in a saucepan along with the lavender flowers and bring it up to a boil, boil for only 1 minute and turn off the stove.Let steep for 5 minutes and strain the mixture.
2.Take 1 cup of water and gelatin or agar agar and mix well.Bring to a boil till gelatin dissolves and turn off the stove, add half litre coconut water. Transfer the mixture to a sheet pan and let the mixture set in the refrigerator.Once it is set, cut into cubes and store for use.
3.To assemble the drink place a spoonful coconut gelee in a tall glass, in a pitcher take the lemon juice, lavender simple syrup we made in step1 and litre coconut water along with ice and mix well.Pour over the coconut gelee in the glass and serve with a fresh lavender.


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