Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia is probably among the highest ranked favorites in Indian Savory snacks.These are deep fried crisps made from a combination of mashed potatoes and chickpea flour.I bet you cant stop eating these.

Preparation time 30 minutes 
Serves 6
Serving Size 1/6 recipe 
Calories Per Serving Approximately 172 per serving
Difficulty Medium

1 1/4 cup-Besan Flour /chickpea flour
2/3 cup Boiled and pureed Potato (2 medium potatoes pressure cook for 2 whistles)
1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder
Salt to taste
pinch of turmeric
Oil to deep fry
Water as required

1.Heat oil in a pan on medium heat.Meanwhile in a bowl take the besan , salt and red chili powder and mix well.Now add the potato and necessary water to make a soft dough, it will be sticky but it should hold shape.

2.Take the Chakli press with the thin hole attachment and place a handful of dough in it and press directly into oil.Fry until lightly golden as shown in the image and drain onto a paper towel.Crush the round with your hands once it is cool and store it in an airtight container.

Store bough bhujia contains some sugar to give it the tempting taste, you can add a pinch of powdered sugar if you like.


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