Apple Logo Cake

This was one of the fun cakes I made, my boss was leaving the company and I wanted to make a cake that reminds him of the company and us.So whats better than the company logo.My boss and all my colleagues were blown away by the idea, my boss repeatedly mentioned “oh my god this is so amazing”, “can i not cut it and freeze it for a keepsake” , “this is so cool”.

Preparation time:1 hours
Serves:1 9 inch 2 layer cake

I used the brown sugar butter cake recipe
I used the vanilla buttercream recipe
Store bought fondant 1 pack.

1.Once you have the Cakes baked and cooled and the buttercream made,level your cake, place little butter cream on the center of the cake board and place 1 layer of cake on the cake board.Place a dollop of buttercream on top and spread it out to the sides well.Place the second layer on top.
2.Now take a paper and cit a 9 inch circle of it.Fold it in half and cut small wedges on top and bottom, that will give you the Apple shape.Fold it horizontally this time and cut a half leaf shape out of it.If you unfold the paper you will see the bitten part of the apple logo.Now place this on the cakes and carefully cut the shape on the cake.Keep the bitten part of the cake as you will be using that for the leaf on top.
3.Now place the rest of the buttercream and ice the cake entirely, dont let the cake crumbs get on the buttercream, if you like you can do a crumb coat, chill in refrigerator and them do a second layer on top and chill until buttercream is set.

4.Place a large sheet of parchment paper on the counter and roll out the fondant using a rolling pin with even thickness.Gently lift and place the fondant on the cake and make sure there are no folds or marks on the cake and gently smooth it out.Repeat for the leaf part.I placed a another thin roll of fondant to cover the cake base, you can make any of your favorite designs to cover the base or leave as is.


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