This is a south indian delicacy and is often confused with Jalebi/Jilebi, although they look similiar Jangri is made with urad dal flour while jalebi is made with maida/all purpose flour.In this recipe the black gram is soaked in water overnight and ground to a smooth paste along with some food color and piped into heated oil and fried until crisp and then dipped into a sugar syrup.

Preparation time 60 minutes 
Serves 45
Serving Size
Calories Per Serving Approximately 102 per serving
Difficulty Difficult

2 cups urad dal(husk removed) soaked overnight in water
1/2 cup rice flour
juice of 1 lemon
3 cups sugar
orange food color
oil for frying

1.Grind the urad dal to a fine paste,do not add too much water,add the food color and grind well.Add the rice flour and mix well and keep aside.

2.In a pan take the sugar and add half cup of water and stir well until melted and let the syrup bubble up to a single string consistency.Add the lemon juice and keep aside.

3.Heat oil in a flat pan.Take a Piping bag with a round piping tip.Take some of the ground dough into the bag and pipe it into the oil.Let fry and then flip and fry on the other side.

4.Transfer the Jangri into the sugar syrup and let soak for 1 minute on each side/2 minutes in total and transfer to an open tray.

Make sure while piping the oil is on a medium-low flame and once you have piped it you can increase the flame to a medium-high or you wont be able to pipe the shape.
To pipe the shape,pipe two circles and then make spiral circles on top the the previously piped circles as shown.

The lemon juice prevents the sugar from crystalizing,add more lemon juice if you see it crystalizing.
The jangri should be crispy when fried,while frying you can gently tap the jangri with your ladle to see if it is still soft,fry a few more minutes until you hear a crisp sound when you tap it gently.You will get the perfect fried jangri in a few attempts so the first 2-3 jangiris may not turn out as you wanted.
The jangiri will soften after sometime in the sugar syrup so fry it until it is crispy.
Do not cover the Jangiris,give them a couple of hours to cool down or they will become soft.


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