Tiramisu literally means “pick me up”.This famous Italian dessert is made with savoiardi(a.k.a lady fingers),egg yolks,mascarpone,coffee and cocoa powders.This recipe is the basic Tiramisu recipe.Click here for a variation of Tiramisu.I have used ready made ladyfingers,I will do a post on how to make lady fingers at home at a later time.Ladyfingers are nothing but a type of sponge cake which is soaked in coffee and assembled with the mascarpone.
Preparation time:20 minutes
Heres the cake with a candle for my husband

8oz mascarpone
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 tablespoon coffee powder
1 pack ladyfingers(savoiardi)

1/2 tablespoon rum(optional)(I used kahlua)
1.Whisk the mascarpone with 1 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of coffee powder until smooth and combined without any lumps.

2.Whisk the heavy cream with 1 cup of sugar until stiff peaks form.

3.Fold the mascarpone mixture into the whipped cream.
4.Make about 3 tablespoons espresso with the remaining coffee powder.(You can boil water and add the coffee powder).Add rum to this mixture after removing from the heat.
5.Now on a dessert plate place 3 ladyfingers next to each other.Drizzle the coffee rum mixture.
6.Place a dollop of the whipped cream-mascarpone mixture.
7.Lay another layer of ladyfingers on top.
8.Drizzle the coffee rum mixture.
9.Place a dollop of the whipped cream-mascarpone mixture.Take cocoa powder in a sieve and sprinkle it on top to finish it.
You can make this as individual desserts or as a trifle in a trifle bowl as shown below.If you want to make it like a cake see recipe here.
Assemble the dessert a few hours ahead for the ladyfingers to soak the coffee and become soft.

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