Jonna Rotte-Corn Tortillas-Jowar Ki Roti

Jonna Rotte was a staple of the farmers in India,It is known to give a boost of energy for those who do labour intensive work.A tortilla is also prepared in the same way,the only difference being the flour that is used.Tortilla uses a flour called Masa or maseca which is nothing but corn that has been soaked in slaked lime and then ground to flour.It is said that this process makes the niacin in the corn more readily available for the body to absorb.
Preparation time:20 minutes

1 Cup Jowar flour(For Tortilla,you will find a flour called Maseca or Masa Harina in mexican stores)
3/4-1 Cup Water
1 tablespoon butter
Pinch of salt
1.Sift the flour and salt and crumble the butter into the dough and keep aside.
2.Bring water to a boil in a pan and add 1/2 cup of it to the flour and mix with a spoon. Add remaining water little by little  and mixing until it forms a soft dough. Do not add too much water.

3.Make equal portions into roundles.
4.Lightly grease a parchment paper or foil or wax paper and place the round on it. Press it down with your fingers. Place another wax paper or foil on top and roll it out into a flatbread.
5.People with a lot of experience or those with a roti press get exact round shapes, if you do not have a roti press or aren’t so experienced with this, just remove the top wax paper and cut it into a round. Remove excess to the bowl to reuse.
6.Gently lift the bottom wax paper along with the flatbread, hold it in a 2 o clock angle and gently peel off the flatbread onto your hand and place it on the heated pan on medium high flame.
7.If using jowar flour you will need to apply moisture on the top side before flipping it. Keep tapping the flatbread, it will slightly puff up. Masa flour doesn’t need to be moistened as it has moisture in it already because it is treated with slaked lime. Cook on both sides, remove from pan and serve.

Jowar flour is gluten free and thus doesn’t have any gluten to bind it,unlike wheat flour it keeps tearing apart and hence needs gentle handling.Using fresh jowar flour will aid in keeping the flour together.
Masa Flour is much easier to handle due the process it undergoes making it bind together well.
Corn Tortillas are staples of mexican cuisine often served with blackpeans or pinto  beans,chicken,salsa,guacamole,spanish rice etc.
Indian Jowar ki roti can be served with any indian vegetable or non vegetarian curries.

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