Ragi Mudde with Rice

This is a traditional preparation from Karnataka with finger millet flour and rice-also called as ragi sankati/ragi muddha. Traditionally it is only prepared with finger millet flour, but  I find the texture rather unappealing and prefer this. Finger millet flour has a ton of nutritional benefits including control of diabetes and anemia, building and repair of muscle and bone tissue, also is known for slow release of carbs into blood thus keeping you full for longer periods.

Preparation time:40 minutes

3/4 cup finger millet flour
3/4 cup brown/red/white rice
salt to taste
1 teaspoon ghee(optional)
1.If using brown or red rice, add 4 cups of water to a rice cooker and put the rice in it with ghee and salt and turn on the rice cooker. If using white rice add 3 cups of water with ghee and salt and start the rice cooker.In about 25 minutes the rice will be cooked and will have little water left, you can check the rice by taking a few grains and pressing with your fingers for softness.

2. At this stage add the finger millet flour little by little and start mixing it in with the rice, keep stirring until all the raw flour gets mixed in and the smell and taste of the raw flour disappears.

3.Take a big serving of the mixture into a bowl, dip your hands in cold water and start rolling the mixture into a ball.

Add more water in step 2 if your mixture is too tight.
Serve with hot Sambar, kadhi or chicken or fish curry. Also goes well with aavakay(an Indian mango pickle).
Roll the ball while its hot or it will harden and be difficult to roll the ball later.

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