Baby figurine for the cake

White Fondant(I used Wilton)
Brown Gel color
Rice krispies

1.First make baby head ,body and limbs with the rice crispies.

2.Take a roll of white fondant,microwave it for 10 seconds and add a drop of brown color and knead well until it gets a skin tone.Add extra if its too light,Only add little at a time,unless you want really brown skin tone.

3.Now put some corn starch on your surface and roll out the fondant with a rolling pin and cover the baby head and limbs,I didn’t cover the entire baby because I was having a blanket to cover the baby with :).Make eyes and mouth with an edible writing pen or gel.
4.For the blanket I rolled out the fondant cut it in an oval and pressed it out with a fork to form a pattern.

5.For the dome I inverted a bowl and made a rice krispies mold and covered it fondant and freezed it so that it can hold shape.


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