Ven Pongal-Katte Pongal

A south indian comfort food,A very ancient food,There is a scientific reason behind eating this.According to Ayurveda,the combination of ghee and peppercorns develops red blood cells in the body which get rid of anemia and other blood related problems,moong beans are the easiest to digest in vegetarian protein and the ghee is the easiest to digest... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto is an Italian comfort food that has a nice creamy and nutty flavor to it.Its perfect for a date night paired with a glass of wine.With the halloween coming up and plenty of availability of pumpkins for the fall seasonPreparation Time:40 minutesServing:2-3 peopleIngredients:6 cups chicken broth or vegetable broth1 cup pumpkin puree½ cup... Continue Reading →

Lima Bean Dosa( Crepe)

A protein rich healthy Lima bean crepe, ideal for a breakfast.Preparation time:20 minutesServes:2Ingredients:1 cup Lima beans with skin1/2 cup rice(white/red/brown)1/2 inch piece ginger3 green chilisalt to taste1 teaspoon oil1 teaspoon cuminProcedure:1.Soak the Lima beans and rice in water overnight.2.Grind the beans and rice along with the rest of the ingredients to a smooth batter.Do not... Continue Reading →

Methi Thepla-Fenugreek Flatbread

Thepla is a gujarati dish where in the methi leaves or other vegetables are mixed into the dough and spread out into a flat bread. Methi leaves(fenugreek leaves) are extremely healthy,so I try to add it into our diet at least once every week.Preparation Time: 40 minutesServes:8 TheplasIngredients:2 cups Whole Wheat Flour 2 cup Methi Leaves... Continue Reading →

Taro Root Gnocchi

Pronounced as Nyo-kee is an Italian soft dumpling used instead of pasta in Italian dishes.These can be cooked in a similar fashion like pasta and added to any pasta sauces like marinara,alfredo,garlic,vodka sauce etc.These are primarily done with potato and flour or ricotta and other cheeses.This is a vegetarian version using this beautiful Huge Taro... Continue Reading →

Spinach rice

This simple rice dish is an accompaniment with any curry. It is gentle in flavor and tasty so you can eat it with your favorite Curry.Preparation time: 40 minutesServings:4Ingredients:2 cups Basmati Rice 1 cup Coconut milk 1/2 cup chopped Onions 1/3 cup chopped Carrots 1/3 cup 1 cup Potatoes cubed(1/2 inch cube)1/4 cup Cashews split... Continue Reading →

Pesarattu-Moong Dal Crepe

A protein rich healthy lentil crepe made with green moong beans,ideal for a breakfast or as a main course.Preparation time:20 minutesServes:2Ingredients:1 cup whole moong dal(with skin)1/2 cup rice(white/red/brown)1/2 inch piece ginger2 green chilisalt to taste1 teaspoon oil1 teaspoon cuminProcedure:1.Soak the moong dal and rice in water overnight.2.Grind the dal and rice along with the rest... Continue Reading →

Bliss Pumpkin and Cowpeas Pulao

The name "Bliss Pumpkin" can totally throw you off,I was shopping around in the farmers market yesterday and came across this cute pumpkin and wanted to get it.I had no idea how it is cooked,but I got it anyways.After coming home after a lot of research I came to know that this is a savory... Continue Reading →

Blackbean Loaf

This mixture can be used for making burgers, meatless meatballs as well as meatless meatloaf. Skip the egg for vegan.Preparation:  1 1/2 hourServes: 8Ingredients:1/2 teaspoon chat masala or amchur powder1/4 cup corn1/4 cup yellow bell peppers2 small sweet potatoes (about 1 pound pressure cook for 1 whistle,do not get them mushy)1/3 cup millet dry(cook it with water)1/2... Continue Reading →

Daddojanam-Yogurt Rice

This is a South Indian preparation made with yogurt and rice and tempered with Indian spices, commonly served during festivals and alongside Pulihora.Preparation 30 minutesServes:3Ingredients:1 1/2 cups cooked Rice(3/4 cups dry rice cook until its soft)5 Green Chilies finely minced2 1/2 cups yogurt3 red chilies split in half1/2 teaspoon Cumin Seeds 1 teaspoon urad dal1 teaspoon... Continue Reading →

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