Thandai Masala

Having born and brought up in the southern India I never tasted Thandai until a recent holi meetup we had.Although it tasted to me like almond milk it had a slight hint of spice in it which I loved. I guess the concept behind this was to provide relief from the heat which we are... Continue Reading →

Chai Masala

Now a days the Indian Chai has become famous internationally and being sold by big brand names like Starbucks, Peets coffee etc.Although they name it wrong calling it Chai tea- which technically means Chai chai ­čÖé .Either call it just Chai or Masala Chai.A good brewed black tea and a pinch of this spice powder... Continue Reading →

Vangi Bath Spice Powder

This is the recipe to make the spice powder for Vangi Bath(eggplant rice powder) also called as vangi bath podi or pudi.Preparation time60 minutesServes8Serving Size1/8 recipeCalories Per ServingApproximately 476 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:40 whole dried red chili (break into pieces)1/3 cup dry grated coconut1/3 cup chana dal1/3 cup urad dal2 teaspoons oilpinch of asofetida1 cinnamon stick3 cloves1... Continue Reading →

BisiBele Bath Spice

This recipe gives a simple demonstration of the spice mix for the Karnataka special dish BisiBele bath.Preparation time10 minutesServes1┬áServing Size1 recipeCalories Per ServingApproximately 351 per servingDifficultyEasyIngredients:10 red chilis1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds1 teaspoon mustard seeds1" small stick cinnamon2 cloves1 teaspoon cumin seeds1 tablespoons coriander seeds1 tablespoons chana dal1 tablespoons urad dal1/4 cup grated coconut1 teaspoon white... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Clove Masala

This is my moms simple and basic garam masala recipe.This works very well for Chicken and other meatsPreparation time:20 minutesServes:multipleIngredients:100gms cloves100 gms cinnamonProcedure:1.In a pan dry roast the ingredients for 3-4 minutes and grind to a fine powder.Store in a dry container.Use in your favorite recipes.Tips:This stays on the rack for over a year.This recipe... Continue Reading →

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