African Sweet Potato Stew

"This is the best soup I have ever had"-comments from my hubby after eating this soup,I didn't know if I should be overjoyed or feel confused, trust me this is not the first "best" soup I have made and this comment came after I brought home the split pea soup and french onion soup I... Continue Reading →

Oven Roasted Plantains

I ran into this recipe when looking for Ghanian Red Red stew recipe.Normally it is a dish served with fried plantains,but i'm not a big fan of frying things so I decided to bake them.They tasted so good with the stew.Preparation time:25 minutesServes:2-3Ingredients:2 ripe plantainssalt to tastedash of black pepper powder1 teaspoon oilProcedure:1.Preheat oven to... Continue Reading →

Ghanian Red -Red Stew

Before you start wondering Ghana is a country in the African Continent.Plantains are a much celebrated ingredient in the African continent and are used in many of their dishes.This dish is a stew made with black eyed peas cooked in a spicy tomato sauce served with plantains and Injera.This is similar to Indian lobia curry... Continue Reading →

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