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I do some crafts part time and I thought it would be a nice place to share some of the crafts I’ve done.If you have any questions on how I did these,or tips you would like to  make your own,or suggestions,do not hesitate to reach out to me.I’ll be more than happy to assist.

This is a Tribal Carved Table I got from Cost Plus World Market,I wanted to age it and darken it,so I painted it,but then I was happy about the color and the grain of the wood not showing so I used paint stripper to get the red paint off and then got an Espresso Stain and re-stained the table.I wanted to get an aged Indian antique table look,I was able to achieve that look by adding some gold detail on the knobs on the table.I also ordered a glass top just to keep the table from getting spoiled due to water etc.

I had on old mirror I picked up from the road,I love the detail on the rim but not the color,so I repainted it to an antique white with silver and ivory detailing.

This was for Halloween 2012:Pumpkin Carving,my first one ever.

This was Halloween 2013:
These are few of my very initial dollies I made to learn Crochets. 

Scarf for my Sister in Law.

Baby hat for a friends kid
Heres the cute kid I made it for.

A scarf I  made for my Sister in Law

Crochet Baby Beanie for a newborn baby of a friend of mine.

Below are my experiments with Wall Painting:

This is a textured paint on method on a breakfast nook wall.

My living room in my old place

My Bedroom at my old place

My Living Room at my current place

Festival Decorations:
A Small Rangoli for Ganesh Puja

Ganesh Puja Decoration

Handmade Christmas Wreath

 Christmas Tree I decorated.

 Rangoli for Sankranthi

 Acrylics:I used to do these when I was a kid and I recently got some time to make one,although a simple one.

My friend had her daughters birthday at my place with a cinderella theme,heres the backdrop I made.

Just a simple small balloon I drew designs on

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