Dulce De Leche Parfait

Working in the food industry for the past 2 years has been a blissful journey. I've grown from not knowing what went wrong with my bakes to be able to create my own recipe using any ingredient you give me now. There's so much science behind cooking and endless knowledge that can be gained in the... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Pinot Clafoutis

I am probably one of those rare persons who is very attached to my kitchen. I'll be away from home to NYC on some work for 2 months starting next week and the first thing I started to miss was my kitchen and then my probably my husband and my dogs.Lol. You may wonder why? Creating new... Continue Reading →

French Fruit Tart

Although I went to culinary school to study culinary arts, my Chef knew right from the start I had a very strong pastry hand. Our usual classes used to be a demo by the chef and each student replicates the dish from what they learnt from the Chef. On days we had pastry our Chef... Continue Reading →


One week away from graduation as a Culinary Chef, I have a crazy passion for french pastries. I mean there are two realms of cakes in the US.One - those that use fondant and regular butter creams ideal for making themed cakes.The other being mousse cakes/Entremets or french pastries.I definitely love the latter better and... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Cheese Blintzes

I've recently had this dish on our vacation  at the complementary breakfast from the hotel in Pismo Beach, CA.I liked it a lot and thought will give it a try.In this recipe we make crepes and fill it with a ricotta cream cheese filling and pan fried or baked again to make an ooey gooey... Continue Reading →

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